About West
West is a compassionate community of critical thinkers and global citizens, 
with more than 100 years of excellence in education.


As friendly helpers, we pledge to:
Greet each other with a smile;
Show our friendship to
each and every child;
Work for ourselves and our school;
Follow the rules so others will too;
Strive to uphold the idea,
That each of us is special at West!
As a student at West, I strive to do my BEST!


Today I will:
Be responsible
Express myself respectfully
Stop and listen attentively
Think and make wise choices




The West Community is dedicated to ensuring all scholars become compassionate and goal-oriented citizens that can persevere through their life endeavors.

West scholars will embrace challenges with joy and purpose because they know they have the power and ability to choose their own path
to success. Teachers develop this through intentional and rigorous lessons and by modeling the same yearning for growth.



We ensure that our words and actions are always truthful. We stand up for what is right, even when
no one is looking, and encourage others to make honorable choices.

We embrace our diversity and value each other’s
unique contribution to our community. We will be compassionate  members of our community,
knowing we are all connected and it is our
collective responsibility to improve our world.

We fervently pursue our goals and dreams and
know that through hard work and tenacity, we will accomplish them all. We are never complacent,
but always striving to meet a higher bar.

We see challenges as learning opportunities and never give up. We remain positive and   always give our best, especially in times of adversity.