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Please don't reduce the
number of DC school nurses!
 At the Ward 4 Education Alliance meeting on September 14, 2016,
DCPS’ Deputy Chief of Student Wellness, Dr. Heidi Schumacher, spoke about upcoming changes
to the way school nurses will be provided from the Department of Health. The bottom line is that nursing staff is going to be cut from a minimum
of one full-time nurse per school to a part-time nurse per school. 

The assessments that determine the actual number of positions for each school
will come out in November 
2016, and the changes will be implemented by January 2017.

Now is the time to speak out!

The West PSCO is seeking your help in objecting to this change. Please review our sample letter that can be sent to our DC Government officials, and voice your objections to the following individuals:

Donna Anthony, Department of Health (

Dr. Heidi Schumacher, DCPS


Jenni Niles, Deputy Mayor for Education (

Brenda Donald, Deputy Mayor for
Health and Human Services


Brandon Todd, Ward 4 Councilmember (

David Grosso, Chair, Council Committee on Education (

Yvette Alexander, Chair, Council Committee

on Health and Human Services (


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