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In addition to its regular curriculum, West offers the following specials.
Students attend one special each day of the school week.

In 2017-2018, West began a partnership with Fillmore Arts Center to provide music education to all students in Pre-K3 through eighth grade as part of our regular school day. Fillmore’s curriculum is child-centered and sequentially structured in accordance with the goals of the National and District of Columbia Standards for Arts Education. The core of Fillmore’s philosophy is a belief that all children should receive a skills-based, quality arts education. Many of the Fillmore teachers are professional working artists. In addition, Fillmore teachers work with each other and classroom teachers to plan lessons and integrate the arts and academic disciplines. 



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Frida Kahlo Portraits

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Spanish class

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In addition to supporting classroom curriculum, our library introduces students to coding with Sphero robots (grades K through 8) and website design (middle school). We offer book check-out for all ages, access to eBooks and audiobooks, and an online catalog that features resource lists by grade, online homework resources and much more. In 2017, West became a partner in the Energizing Student Potential program to teach students about energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. Read our monthly library newsletter >>


Students participate in thematic units provided by DCPS, which are aligned to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) World Readiness Standards. Through these units, students work on their interpretive (reading and listening), interpersonal (speaking) and presentational (writing and speaking) language skills, while focusing on cultural elements from different Spanish-speaking countries. Students typically practice these skills in various centers, which allows them to work collaboratively, as well as maximize their direct instructional time with the teacher. At the end of each unit, students participate in integrated performance assessments that require them to use the language in a variety of ways, with a focus on authentic tasks. Learn more >>

health/phys ed
Health and Physical Education

Students work to develop positive work ethics, sportsmanship, respect and friendship for fellow students, critical-thinking skills, various motor skills, social skills, emotional skills and cognitive knowledge necessary for a participation in variety of sports and lifelong activity. Our curriculum also includes safety and injury prevention, growth and development, and core concepts in healthy living.

Visual Arts
visual arts

Visual Arts at West explores creativity from many different perspectives. Students study the works of the classic artistic masters while incorporating design thinking in the artistic process. Students not only create original works in a variety of media, but they engage in cooperative learning opportunities to expand the concepts they gain in the classroom. Our students use Washington, DC, as their extended classroom, having studied the Obamas’ newly revealed portraits at the National Portrait Gallery and constructed life-sized cities at the National Building Museum. 


The Arts are alive and well at West!

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