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Uniform Policy

At West Education Campus, we are committed to providing a
learning environment that supports the academic growth of our
students and overall focus on learning.

It is our goal to provide an academic environment that is free of distractions. To that end, we have
adopted a school uniform and dress-code policy. Students are expected to adhere to the uniform policy 
at all times, except on "Dress Down Days" or on "College Days."

Please note: These regulations are in place to promote a learning environment that is clutter-free and without distraction. The regulations also keep students safe, as they limit hiding places for
toys and electronics or other unwanted items.


Preschool through Fifth Grade

  • White or Light Blue Collared Shirt

  • Navy Bottoms (Pants, Skirts,
    Jumpers, Shorts)

Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade


  • Navy Blue Collared Shirt

  • Khaki Bottoms (Pants, Skirts,
    Jumpers, Shorts)

Blue jeans are NOT a part of the uniform! 

Additional Notes


  • All shirts must be collared. (Turtle necks are acceptable during the cooler seasons.)

  • Student shirts must be tucked. (Belts are encouraged).

  • Students may wear West apparel on any uniform day.

  • Students must have solid-color socks and stockings; shoes must be close-toed.

  • Solid-color sweaters (navy, light blue, brown/khaki or white) and West hooded sweatshirts
    and jackets are the only permitted items to be warn in the classrooms. All heavy jackets and
    hooded sweatshirts must be placed in student lockers at the start of the school day.


Students are NOT permitted to wear the following:

  • Blue jeans (unless it is a dress-down day)

  • Pants that sag below the waist

  • Shorts, skorts or skirts that are more than two inches above the knee

  • Open-toed shoes, flip flops or shoes/boots with a high heel

  • Excessively tight or revealing clothes

  • Sweatpants or windbreaker pants (unless it is a dress-down day)

  • Hats, bandanas, sun visors,or beanies (All must be removed before entering the building;
    if head gear is required for religious reasons, please inform Principal Vroman.)

  • Any article of clothing that has imagery that is not acceptable for the school environment
    (profanity, put downs, nudity, visuals depicting death, drug paraphernalia) 

  • Colored makeup  (Colored lipstick is not allowed, and students will be asked to remove
    it upon arrival to the school campus.)

  • Any article of clothing that can be perceived as gang or neighborhood crew affiliated

  • Fake tattoos

  • Sleeveless or cut-off shirts, dresses (sun dresses), tank tops or jumpers without shirts underneath

  • Shirts that expose a students’ midriff or stomach section

  • Excessively large, expensive or flashy jewelry

  • Any additional item that the school administration deems inappropriate


Has your child outgrown his or her school uniforms? Are the uniforms in gently used condition? Would you like to help fellow
West families adhere to our uniform policy 
and earn an income-tax deduction? 

We have just the place for you! Founded by
life-long West parent, grandparent and teacher's aide Jean Roseboro, Grandma Jean's Uniform Closet stocks gently worn girls and boys uniforms for our students. Students will be referred to the Closet by school staff.  Bring in your items to the main office; we collect uniforms all year long. In addition,
your donations are fully tax-deductible.

Items Accepted: 

  • Boys and girls short and long pants

  • Boys and girls black or navy blue belts

  • Boys and girls long- and short-sleeved 
    white shirts, blouses, turtlenecks
    and polo shirts

  • Girls navy blue skirts, skorts and jumpers

  • Girls and boys navy blue or white
    sweaters and sweater vests

NOTE: Items such as tights, socks and undergarments, will be accepted only if the items are still in the original packaging and have never been worn.

How to Donate:

  • Check clothing for any damage (missing buttons, broken zippers and stains). Wash and dry clothing. Make sure the size tag is readable. If not, write the size on a piece of paper and pin it to the garment.

  • Place item in a bag with your name,
    contact number, email address and estimated value*, and turn this

    information into the main office.


Parent volunteers are needed to stock donated clothing items, issue clothing and keep the Closet organized.


* This information is needed to complete a donation receipt. Receipts are sent home with students. If you are not interested in receiving a receipt, then it is not necessary to submit this information.

Families facing serious financial hardships that are unable to purchase school uniforms
should contact the principal, school counselor or school psychologist. Assistance IS available.

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